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High Quality Zoom, provided by Photo-Lux

Displaying of the zoomed images on the screen assumed that image will be resized (recalculated) in the memory of the PC, and, after that, a resized copy of the image will be displayed on the screen. In many cases a resized copy of the image can contain a lot of distortions - to smooth the jagged edges and to reduce the noise artifacts special filters should be used (smoothing or antialiasing technique). A simple example can illustrate it:

Original Image.
Zoom 75%. A lot of jagged edges can be easily found. Most of graphics software produces the same poor zooming quality.High Quality Zoom 75% provided by "PhotoLux" using Lanczos3 zoom filter.
Original Image
Zoom 75%
HQ Zoom 75%

There are 11 zoom filters available on "Photo-Lux" - Triangle, Hermite, Bell, BSpline, Lanczos3, Mitchell, Nearest, Linear, Fastlinear, Bilinear and Bicubic - this allows you to experiment with various filters to choose the best quality. Lanczos3 filter can produce the best quality in many cases but it working a bit slowly. Fastlinear filter working a bit faster, but usually provides not too excellent results.

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