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Picture-Desk PRO v.1.3 Batch graphic file format converter (with batch IPTC / EXIF editor!)

OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA,7 (32-bit/64-bit in compatibility mode)
Languages: English, German, Russian
(Full version - $49,99 Demoware - free, File size: 2,6 MB)

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Screenshot of Picture-Desk graphic file format converter. Click to see full  size view.

Picture-Desk PRO v.1.3 - Batch graphic file format converter

This is an advanced tool for batch conversion of graphic files with a lot of image processing features from rotating, resizing, DPI changing, adding an anti-theft «X», overlaying text and/or a graphic watermark onto the image to more advanced requirements such as leveling RGB, HSL, brightness, contrast, gamma, adding IPTC information such as captions, keywords or photographer name, etc...

In contrast to other batch image format converters, «Picture-Desk» enables you to select individual images or select groups of images (as many groups as you like) to convert in different ways, but all part of the single batch process. Let's imagine this simple task, you would like to insert text and a graphic watermark into 100 images, but amongst them, 10 files must be rotated clockwise, 20 anti-clockwise, the remaining 70 need no rotation.  «Picture-Desk»  achieves this (and every other task you select) in a single batch process, because you can set the individual conversion parameters to each image or to a group of images!

«Picture-Desk» batch image file format converter supports many graphic formats (approximately 30), including JPEG and TIFF with RGB/YCbCr/CMYK color space (CMYK can be converted to RGB etc.). Plus, it supports almost all Camera RAW formats.

IPTC (Photoshop's file info) and EXIF data also can be edited in batch as well as for single file.

Screenshot of Multi-Page TIFF Editor
and many more...

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