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Custom Software Development for Windows and Mobile. Web Programming.

It is wrong that software development is very expensive, and that only large companies can afford it. In many cases, you may need a simple software, which will contain only the necessary functions you need. Simple programs can be created within 1-2 days and its price can start from $100-$200. Of course, more complicated programs may cost more - it depends on the complexity of your requirements. We are ready to develop projects of varying complexity - from very simple to very complex.

For business customers as well as for individuals we provide a custom development of almost any type of software, especially in graphics and image processing. Applications of any kind, including desktop and web applications can be created especially for you! You can get application designed exactly according to your requirements.

KudrSoft was founded in 2001 as IT-consulting firm specializing in custom software solutions for small/medium business as well as for individuals. For more than 10 years we have accumulated extensive experience in creating custom software solutions and impeccable reputation. About us.

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Your Requests are answered as quickly as possible. We do however guarantee the response time not to take anymore then 24 hours. We do have an internal goal of trying to answer your questions within an hour of its submission.

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